Boiler and Central Heating Service Contract from Plumbcare

Would you like never to have to pay for a central heating boiler, pump, valve, tank, cylinder or shower again?

Never to have to call for a plumber to mend a dripping tap, running overflow pipe or failed central heating system?

  • Even if your system includes such items as extra bathrooms/shower rooms, solar panels, gas and oil fired boilers or unusual equipment or controls.
  • You even get a free boiler replacement when your old boiler is beyond repair, no matter how old your boiler is.
  • Landlords/ homeowners gas safety certificates issued as standard.
  • All for only 20 per month.

Some companies will offer limited protection for your central heating system and even some basic plumbing problems but none that we know of will replace your boiler entirely free of charge no matter how old it was or indeed replace a shower valve free of charge when the old one cannot be repaired.

Our boiler and central heating service contract and maintenance plan has no small print , is all embracing and has very few conditions or exclusions. We impose no age limit restrictions, unlike others, asking only that your system, be it a sealed system, an unvented system, a combination system or a solar system, is working as it was designed to do when you joined our PLUMBCARE plan.

Each year we will service your boiler and heating system and then check and repair if necessary all taps, ball valves, WC flush mechanisms and showers, in fact any part of the heating and plumbing system that may go wrong. We will attend to any emergency breakdown that occurs between service visits. We will repair or replace any part of the plumbing and heating system that fails.

Nothing can be more certain than that sometime your boiler will need replacing. the average boiler life span is 15 years and it can cost 2000 to replace. How long has yours got left? and are you prepared for the cost?

Your new PLUMBCARE plan will cover your incoming water main and your drains as well as all the heating and plumbing system in your house. We believe it to be unrivaled in our industry and for a cost that is below any competitors plan that is less all embracing. We look forward to meeting your servicing needs.

Whats Included

  1. A full annual service of your boiler, all your heating system and plumbing system. We will also carry out a safety check on your gas installation and any gas appliances and issue a Certificate if required.
  2. If you have an unvented hot water system this will also be serviced.
  3. If you have an oil fired system we will inspect the tank installation and report on it's condition and check the oil filter and any other controls.
  4. If you have solar water heating the system will be inspected and maintained.
  5. We will call, if required to, within 24 hours of any report by you of a breakdown of any part of your heating or plumbing system.
  6. We will call immediately if you report a gas, oil or serious water leak.
  7. We will maintain and repair any part of your heating and plumbing system. When any part of the system is beyond repair we will replace it free of charge, including the central heating boiler.
  8. If your system would benefit from a chemical clean and flush then we will carry this out free of charge.

And we promise:-

If there is an area of doubt we will not quibble if it is reasonable to believe that an element of your system not mentioned above might be covered.

If you think this is for you, then go to our "Application Form" page, ..... or read on.


Some companies only offer you money back (up to a limit) to pay for emergencies that occur leaving you to find an engineer and arrange the actual repair work.

Some companies don't employ their own work force and will send contractors from another company to carry out the work (even British Gas does this sometimes).

Some companies do not Carry out a boiler service annually and some companies simply put a probe in the flue to measure the flue gases.

How can you be sure that you can get hold of an engineer or plumber when you need him? How do you know who you are dealing with? How do you know your boiler will be fully serviced? It's easy:

phone PLUMBCARE today to find our about our Boiler and Central Heating Service Contract

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Simply Business - Insurance

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